Monday, September 20, 2010

Starting a Blog

OK. Here it is. First time starting a blog. What a word: BLOG. It sounds like something squishy and round and disgusting, something you should avoid stepping in.  Now that I've detoured around the mess, a few words about what I intend to do on these pages and why.

I learned to weave in 1975 at Southwestern Tech with Susan Leveille (great weaver and teacher extraordinare) and when I left the area, I also left the weaving behind. Now, a career of teaching, three children, and thirty something years later, I have returned to weaving, and I love it! I have an 8-harness Schacht Mighty Wolf that I bought on Craig's List a few years ago. Every time I sit down to weave, I think of things I want to remember about the project, but as yet have not written these things down... So now I can begin...

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